Armor Museum.

IMG_1935 IMG_1936

Helmet and Spatha (cavalry sword) from around 500 CE.

IMG_1939  IMG_1940

Great Helmet?

IMG_1941 IMG_1942

Last of the entrance display.


The armor of Friedrich the Elector of Pfalz from around 1450 made in Milan by Missaglia.

IMG_1948 IMG_1949

Knight armor owned by Roberto da Sanseverino  Count of Caiazzo (Naples) from Italian Master around 1485.

IMG_1951 IMG_1953 IMG_1956

IMG_1957  IMG_1960   IMG_1963 IMG_1964  IMG_1966  IMG_1968 IMG_1969  IMG_1971   IMG_1974

Partial and complete sets of jousting armor from 1500s most belong to Maximilian I’s collection.

IMG_1977  IMG_1979

Crossbow and two parade spears from 1474.



Field armor (leather) from around around 1525.

IMG_1990 IMG_1991

two sets of child armor from 1570.


Internal helmet padding from around 1425.


Riding armor also from Maximillian I’s collection.

IMG_1998  IMG_2000 IMG_2001  IMG_2003  IMG_2005

IMG_2009 IMG_2010

The only original horse padding for jousting and some mean looking lances.

IMG_2011 IMG_2016

Maximillian I Armor, he wore these suits, with the removable long toes.  from around 1485.

IMG_2018  IMG_2020   IMG_2023 IMG_2024

Foxhelm of King Ferdinand I from around 1526.


Another suit from King Ferdinand I from around 1537.

IMG_2036   IMG_2039

Jousting guns, and excessive daggers. These were the simplest of the contraptions they came up with.


Hunting Spear.

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Down Town Vienna.



IMG_1897 IMG_1898

IMG_1912 IMG_1913   IMG_1916


Vienna State Opera House.


Fieldmarshall Albrecht (1817-1895).

IMG_1901 IMG_1902  IMG_1904 IMG_1905   IMG_1908 IMG_1907IMG_1906  IMG_1909

Monument against War and Fascism.


IMG_1910 IMG_1911

All on the same street corner.


Franz Joseph I.

IMG_1925 IMG_1926

Mozart, planting new flowers.

IMG_1920 IMG_1921

IMG_1929    IMG_1930



Winter Palace (both sides), where the Armor Museum, Ephesus Museum, National Library, and Musical Instrument Museum are housed.

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Other Highlights from the Art History Museum.


Sphinx of Wah-Ib-Re from 360 BCE.


Elephantine Stele of King Amenophis II(?) 1438 BCE.


“Sphinxkopf” or Sphinxhead of King Sesostris III 1875 BCE.

IMG_1882 IMG_1883

A Mummy!


Mummy masks from 300 BCE.



Automaton Ship which has mechanical military band and mini cannons (which fire blanks).


Bruegel’s “The Tower of Babel” from 1563.



Rubens’ “Head of Medussa.”


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Russian War Memorial in Vienna.


IMG_2175 IMG_2176  IMG_2178


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Greek Antiquities in the Art History Museum.

IMG_1827 IMG_1828

Heracles casually slaying a Centaur? And some of the interior design.

IMG_1829  IMG_1831

Caesar Lucius Verus (around 160 CE) on the right, better than “Bearded Man” on the left (300 CE).

IMG_1833  IMG_1835

Marcus Aurelius on the left and Hadrian on the right.


The gravestone of Titus Calidus Severus from around 100 CE.

IMG_1839  IMG_1841 IMG_1842

Relief of Odysseus slaughtering the suitors in three scenes (Feasting, Killing, and servants with Penelope?).

IMG_1844 IMG_1845

From 500 BCE from a serious deposit find. “Negauer Helms”. Early Italian.

IMG_1849  IMG_1852

Votive Statue and Aristotle’s head.


Julius Caesar.


Someone in Turkey is probably curious why all their statues are headless…


Bust of Septimius Severus from 200 CE.

IMG_1860 IMG_1861

Two Corinthian Helmets from 600 BCE.


Attic red figure from 500 BCE, The death of Aegisthus

IMG_1866 IMG_1867

On the right, Neoptolemus the armor being given to Odysseus from 480 (?) BCE. On the left, another Hoplite from 490 BCE.


Hoplite on a “large stomached” (Bauchamphora: bauch means stomach) from 480 BCE.

IMG_1872 IMG_1874

Another, also from 480 BCE. On the right, two fight, from 525 BCE.

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Materhosen In Vienna.


Natural History Museum, checking out those dinosaur jaws.


IMG_2286  IMG_2289

Materhosen’s idea of Reel Big Fish. Chilling with a triceratops.

IMG_2180 IMG_2170

Leopold Museum Cafe, and Artillery selfies?

IMG_2168 IMG_2169


Hanging out on the train to Prague.

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Sightseeing in Vienna


Maria Theresa’s statue between the Art History Museum and Museum of Natural History.




Surrounded by her beloved advisers.

IMG_1774 IMG_1775

View of the city from surrounding hills.


The chapel where the Austrian army held mass before the Battle of Vienna in 1683, ending the Ottoman siege. Apparently we were not supposed to take photos here.

IMG_1782 IMG_1783 IMG_1784

Artist/Architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

IMG_1786   IMG_1789

IMG_1792   IMG_1795

Classic London phone booth? Chilling with Materhosen.

IMG_1798  IMG_1800

Belvedere Palace, which has a large collection of Klimpt, including “The Kiss” and the famous “Napoleon Crossing the Alps” by Jacques-Louis David. No pictures at this place.


IMG_1803   IMG_1804  IMG_1807

Neoclassical Sphinx and St. Stephens Cathedral.

IMG_1810 IMG_1811

Schönbrunn Palace.

IMG_1814     IMG_1819

The gardener’s house?

IMG_1820  IMG_1822

View from the gardens behind Schönbrunn Palace.

IMG_1823 IMG_1824

Schönbrunn Palace.

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