Prague in a day.


Don Giovanni premiered at this theater in Prague.

IMG_2300  IMG_2306

Oldest continuous university in Central Europe (they claim).

IMG_2301 IMG_2302 IMG_2303 IMG_2304IMG_2305





Old wall/gun powder tower.

IMG_2313IMG_2314 IMG_2460


Central square, famous astronomical clock.







 IMG_2318IMG_2319   IMG_2323

More of the central square.





City architecture.

  IMG_2328 IMG_2330

Franz Kafka statue, and the oldest Synagogue in the city.   


Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral.


Memorial for Jan Palach, victim of self  immolation, protesting soviet occupation. On the left, the Prague Concert House.

IMG_2338 IMG_2340

Charles Bridge, and Fox People.   



The old city, Prague Castle.


IMG_2349  IMG_2352

Charles Bridge.




Views from the Vltava River.



IMG_2355  IMG_2356IMG_2357   

More city architecture.

    IMG_2365           IMG_2376    IMG_2383        IMG_2391      

IMG_2398 IMG_2400

Good luck saints and some holy birds?


 IMG_2382 IMG_2429

Street music!


Detailed wood carving.




“Lovers Bridge” all over Europe.




The Lennon Wall.



IMG_2414 IMG_2432IMG_2433 IMG_2435IMG_2436  IMG_2438IMG_2439 IMG_2446 IMG_2441  IMG_2444     IMG_2443 IMG_2449  

St. Vitus Cathedral




Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler.

IMG_2453       IMG_2454

Statues at the Kafka museum (no pictures allowed), something that is experienced.


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Natural History Museum.


A really big chunk amethyst from Brazil found in 1904

IMG_2215 IMG_2217

On the left, a Acadopardoxides biareus from Morocco. On the right, Bradysaurus baini, 265 million years old, found in South Africa.


IMG_2219 IMG_2221

On the left, Ceratops montanus, 76 million years old, found in Montana. On the right, the leg of an Ultrasaurus, weighed 70 tons, 140 million years old.

IMG_2223 IMG_2225

On the left, “Life size model of a terror bird,” which was hanging out 17,000 years ago in South America. On the right, a Prodeinotherium bavarcium, apparently this one is small.

IMG_2228 IMG_2231

On the left, Tetralophodon longirostris, Jaw bone of a Mastodon. On the right, the jaw bone of a Deinotherium giganteum.

IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2235  Mandatory T-Rex, and another (unsure).



The largest turtle in the world, 74 million years old.

IMG_2240  IMG_2242


Ichthyosaurs, a dolphin marine reptile from 245 million years ago.


A “Terror Claw” or Deinonychus antirrhopus.


Dorygnathus banthensis, 150 million years old.


Cretaceous, 85 million year old.


The oldest human figure (yet) known to the world: 32,000 years old.

=  IMG_2264  IMG_2266

On the left,Homo neanderthalensis, 40,000 years old. On the right, Homo neanderthalensis, 36,000 years old.

IMG_2268  IMG_2270

On the left, Homo sapiens, 40,000 year old. On the right, Homo erectus, 1.1 million-750,000 thousand years old.

IMG_2272  IMG_2274


On the left, Homo antecessor, 780,000 years old. On the right, Homo heidelbergensis, 1.3 million – 780,000 years old.

IMG_2276  IMG_2278

On the left, Homo heidelbergensis, 530,000 years old. On the right, Homo ergaster “Turkish Boy,” 1.6 million years old.

IMG_2280  IMG_2282

On the left, Australopithecus anamensis, 4.2 million years old. On the right, Homo habilis, 1.9-1.8 million years old.


Australopithecus afarensis, 3 million years old.


Mandatory saber-tooth tiger.

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Winter Palace, National Library.

IMG_2185 IMG_2186

IMG_2189 IMG_2190  IMG_2188  

Winter Palace interior buildings and statues.


Xenophon’s Hellenika Egyptian papyrus from 2nd or 3rd CE.

   IMG_2198 IMG_2200 


Text order was lost on the photo upload: 1. Isocrates “Phillip” (2nd Century CE), 2. Demosthenes “De Corona” (2nd Century CE”), 3. Thucydides. 

IMG_2209 IMG_2211

Church History and St.Luke’s Gospel 5th Century.

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Austrian Modern Military History Museum.

IMG_2109  IMG_2111

10 cm and 7 cm field cannons.

IMG_2114 IMG_2115

Franz Joseph’s personal pistols and in a painting.


1907 early machine gun “Saul has killed his thousands, and David his ten thousands!” 1 Samuel 18:7.

IMG_2119 IMG_2120

The car in which Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, and his bloody uniform.

IMG_2122   IMG_2125

8 cm modern field cannon.

IMG_2126 IMG_2127

German Anti-tank gun 7.5 cm.


Early version of a halftrack?

IMG_2131  IMG_2133

German 2 cm and  8.8 cm FLAK (anti-aircraft) guns.

IMG_2135  IMG_2137

Bigger half-track and another antitank gun.

IMG_2139 IMG_2140

Light M41 (USA) Tanks.


KFOR= Kosovo Force? in which case this may be a Leopard 1 (West German).


AMX-13 (French?) Tank.


M-24 (USA) Tank.


Charioteer (British) Tank.

IMG_2149 IMG_2150

Centurion (British) Tank.


Russian T-34 (WW2 Era).

IMG_2153  IMG_2155

The naval exhibit was difficult to photograph. Germania personified(?).


Bottom left: excessive.


Appiani, “Napoleon I King of Italy” 1805.


4 pound field cannon.

IMG_2164  IMG_2166

Excessive cannons, and a SAAB 350E “Dragon”.

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The Ephesus Museum

IMG_2045  IMG_2049

Otto Benndorf, excavated Ephesus. Bronze statue of an athlete from 320 BCE.

IMG_2051 IMG_2053

On the left, an original bust of Homer, and on the right, an idealized bust of a wandering poet.

IMG_2056 IMG_2057 IMG_2058

Two Hermes and a Corinthian column from the Roman Imperial Period.


Mars as an emperor.

IMG_2062 IMG_2063 IMG_2064

Roman Frieze of soldiers fighting.


Marcus Aurelius, Antonius Pius, Emperor Hadrian, and the boy Lucius Verus. Solidifying roman succession line.



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Casual National Service Day

IMG_1931 IMG_1932 IMG_1933 IMG_1934  IMG_2099 IMG_2100

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Instrument Museum.

IMG_2075 IMG_2080

On the left, a cello, viola, and two violins, from Vienna from 1806-1811 by the maker Franz Geissenhof. On the right, Mozart’s Father had a nice violin from the second half of the 18th Century.

IMG_2083 IMG_2084 IMG_2085

Quartet table and an early violin prototype “Lira Da Braccio” from 1511 (Venice).

IMG_2087 IMG_2090

On the left, a cister from 1574 and on the right a lute from 1580.


A casual wall piano, from 1700s.


Two Baritones from around 1782.

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